Our Story

It all started with a bike ride.

We’re using caffeine to fuel a movement.

The seed for Pillar Coffee was planted during a 450 mile bike ride organized to raise awareness and funding to fight human trafficking. Since then, Pillar Coffee has always subscribed to the notion that one’s sacrifice could lead to another’s freedom.

September, 2016 – A small rotisserie oven converted for coffee roasting is plugged into an extension cord, sits atop a sawhorse and quietly rumbles outside a small two-bedroom house in South Minneapolis. A journal entry resonates as the the coffee spins: “How can I live a life of advocacy for those in need?”

The question continued to fuel Pillar Coffee as we began renting commercial roasting space to fill demand from a growing consumer base eager to see an end to modern-day slavery.

Despite modest beginnings, Pillar Coffee has always been unapologetic about our mission to end to slavery. We are a for-profit entity that gives more than it takes; not out of charity, but because at this moment (this very moment you read this), someone is pleading for rescue.

We will continue to fight slavery with great coffee until all are freed.

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